Update in Pictures

My blogging in Zambia has been a bit like my dishwashing habits… I’ve let it slowly stack up. We didn’t have internet access until a few days after arrival and the day we got to Namwianga, after having spent a few days in Lusaka, I ended up in a twelve hour shoot. Deep into the night, close to the early hours of morning, a baby was born and I came home weary but having filmed the whole process. It was an exhausting welcome. After that first bit of serendipitous timing, things went much less smoothly. Between some bad timing and some sickness in the night, which led to a late morning and a groggy start, things weren’t getting to a great start. Time is of the essence and I was beginning to feel the pressure of days wasted. There are still many things working against me but a few meetings and a second visit to the village where the mother and the baby live, got the wheels slowly turning. I’m not anywhere near finished yet, but I’m feeling better today.


That’s a good overview. Dad assigned Logan to the job of documenting the documenting process. Which means on the one hand that there are actually pictures of me in Zambia this year (lots of pictures.) On the other hand it means I have to eventually say “Go take photos of something else for a while.”  I had to kick him out once we got to the labor ward at the hospital. That’s where that train ended. Anyway, the point is we probably wouldn’t have pictures if it weren’t for Logan, but we do. So here’s an update in pictures from our time in Lusaka through the last picture of Logan in the woman’s family’s hut today.



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6 thoughts on “Update in Pictures

  1. Neanda Fryar

    Brings tears to my eyes to see what y’all are doing over there for them. Y’all are amazing God bless y’all!

  2. Love the update!!

  3. Stacy Seguin

    This is fantastic Jes! I do hope you are feeling much better, and I look forward to seeing the document when it is done. What a beautiful and wonderful sight to see you and Logan where you are in Zambia! Praying for you! 🙂


  4. Laura Norvell

    I am so glad there are pictures of you, Jess! Thank you, Logan! The pictures look great! I love and miss you guys, but I am so glad you are there! Thanks for keeping us updated over here!

  5. Thanks for sharing. Blessings. Foy

  6. Thanks for keeping us informed … we continue to ask the Lord’s blessing as you further His kingdom.

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