The Inner Workings

At this point you may be thinking, “I know what this documentary is about but… I don’t really know what this documentary is about.”  Isn’t it interesting that you can create something with not much more than a simple idea? Joyful Noise. What images does it conjure in your mind? The beauty of this documentary is that it will unfold before me, as much as it will you. It is a living organism that will grow and change as I spend time in Zambia, looking at everything around me through a joyful noise tinted lens. I have a working knowledge of what I am seeking, and what stories I want to use but it will unfold before me over the next few months just a few steps before it unfolds in front of you. Isn’t that cool? I’m the director of a God-scripted film.

I know just enough to make my heart near explode with excitement as I think about the powerful imagery awaiting, just enough to see how big the things that are coming will be. I liken it to a child shaking an unopened gift in an attempt to guess it’s contents. Here is an enticing present just for you. You know the potential greatness of what’s inside as you hear the muffled sound of your gift hitting the sides of the package. You know what you want it to be and all of the endless wonderful things it could be, but right now its still just a beautifully wrapped package. For just this moment, there is no end to the world of possibilities.~

Dr. Abby Stanley looks at the wound of burn patient before she treats it and teaches the mother physical therapy exercises to increase mobility.



So glad to see you’re going on the Medical Mission this year again. I am going to be spending some significant time filming the physical therapy aspect of the Medical Mission. It’s so incredible and unexpected, I think, how physical therapy changes Zambian life almost more than medication does. I’m not big into using medicine myself because so many times there is a natural alternative. The small things you teach that keep people from living in pain and from becoming crippled, and the big impact they have are very, very appealing to me.
This year for the documentary I am looking to film a cognitively impaired person (most likely a child) who is also physically impaired by the illness. I will be doing some filming pre-medical mission for that story but I would really love to get you informed so that you can keep your eyes open for very powerful imagery on the medical mission. Who knows what will come along. The story unfolds as we go.

I am using the joy that often is expressed in the lives of those with mental conditions. Specifically those with Cerebral Palsy and the special ones who do seem to constantly exude joy through their “disability.” Even though they seem to be more free to make joyful noise than those of us who don’t have their “condition.”

I become more excited to see what the Lord has in store for us even as I type.

See you soon,

Cleaning this child’s wound and doing painful but necessary movements of the legs will take a potentially crippling injury and turn it into a memory of childhood.

A mother holds her child still as Dr. Abby Stanley demonstrates simple physical therapy techniques like bending the leg so the skin won’t grow back too tight and cripple the child. This mother’s hands will hold more than her son’s cries.

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One thought on “The Inner Workings

  1. Thanks for the pre-trip update, and bon voyage! And yes, I will check in from time to time to see what you ate that day, or how bad your back hurts. 😉 God bless you, and safe journey.

    Joan in Canada

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